The Aims

The CORES one day training program ... Will develop the skills and
Confidence of community Members to intervene in suicide And hence assist in the Development of a community’s Capacity to eliminate suicide

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1 Day Course

CORES 1 day training course provides participants with an introduction to the topic of suicide including community attitudes and facts. Suicidal thoughts and behaviours are explored through the use of simple models, discussion and setting the scene.
Strategies for understanding and assisting a person considering suicide are practised, with a focus on utilising existing community resources.

This training may be accessed by groups or individuals or organisations.

The program provides individuals with a pathway to involvement in suicide prevention and skills them in being able to take this to the wider community.

The one day course is $90 per person for community based training and $120 per person for corporate training plus travel and accommodation costs outside of Tasmania.

This option allows a community/organisation to provide the 8 hour course to participants with a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 15 people per session.