Local community members including health and educational professionals are trained to be our local facilitators.

 As CORES Facilitators, they are the heart and soul of the program – local community people who deliver the program to a range of individuals who have registered for the course. Individuals and local communities begin to establish their own self-sustaining network which can continue to train more community members in the techniques of suicide intervention and prevention. CORES Australia work closely with a variety of organisations who have experience with mental health, depression, and suicidality to  improve a coordinated approach and build resilience.

Because CORES is usually the first step in addressing the issues of suicide and self- harm, we develop strong referral pathways to local professionals as needs arise.

Award Winning

CORES is an award winning program at both national and state level in Tasmania. We have earned strong credentials throughout Australia, educating communities to be proactive in suicide prevention and intervention. CORES has twice been featured on the ABC television program, Landline, in November 2006 and October 2008.


The Philosophy

The more people from within a community who complete the training, the less likelihood there is of someone at risk not receiving help.
It empowers communities to watch out for each other.